These are some of my key publications. For a full list, please see my profile on Google Scholar.

Neuroimaging methods

A primer on Variational Laplace (VL)
Zeidman, P., Friston, K. and Parr, T.
NeuroImage, 279, pp. 120310. 2023.

A guide to group effective connectivity analysis, part 1: First level analysis with DCM for fMRI
Zeidman, P., Jafarian, A., Corbin, N., Seghier, M.L., Razi, A., Price, C.J., Friston, K.J.
NeuroImage, 200, pp. 174-190. 2019.

A guide to group effective connectivity analysis, part 2: Second level analysis with PEB
Zeidman, P., Jafarian, A., Seghier, M.L., Litvak, V., Cagnan, H., Price, C.J., Friston, K.J.
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Bayesian model reduction and empirical Bayes for group (DCM) studies
Friston, K.J., Litvak, V., Oswal, A., Razi, A., Stephan, K.E., van Wijk, B.C., Ziegler, G. and Zeidman, P.
NeuroImage, 128, pp.413-431. 2016.

Cognitive neuroscience

Ageing and the ipsilateral M1 BOLD response: a connectivity study
Tak, Y.W., Knights, E., Henson, R. and Zeidman, P.
Brain Sciences, 11(9), pp.1130. 2021.

Representation of contralateral visual space in the human hippocampus
Silson, E.H.*, Zeidman, P.*, Knapen, T., and Baker, C.I.
Journal of Neuroscience, 41(11), pp.2382-2392. 2021.

Anterior hippocampus: the anatomy of perception, imagination and episodic memory
Zeidman, P. and Maguire, E.A. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 17(3), p.173. 2016.

Investigating the functions of subregions within anterior hippocampus
Zeidman, P., Lutti, A. and Maguire, E.A., 2015.
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Constructing, perceiving, and maintaining scenes: hippocampal activity and connectivity
Zeidman, P., Mullally, S.L. and Maguire, E.A., 2014.
Cerebral Cortex, 25(10), pp.3836-3855.

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