Hello! I’m a neuroscientist and software engineer at University College London. I develop technology for inferring brain activity from MRI measurements, and I research the functional anatomy of memory and imagination. I’m also into science communication and do an occasional spot of broadcasting.

Academic Position


  • Dynamic Causal Modelling

    Dynamic Causal Modelling

    Developing models to explain brain connectivity using data from functional MRI

    I work on the development of computer models which explain how functional MRI measurements are caused by activity in the brain.

  • The Great Brain Experiment

    The Great Brain Experiment

    Using games to learn about the mind and brain

    The Great Brain Experiment is an app where anyone can contribute to real scientific research by playing games on their phone or tablet.

  • Hippocampus Functional Anatomy

    Hippocampus Functional Anatomy

    Investigating the brain structures underlying imagination and episodic memory

    I use high resolution functional MRI to investigate the role of the hippocampus and other brain structures in episodic memory and imagination


  • PhD 2014


    Scenes and the Human Hippocampus (under Prof. Eleanor Maguire, UCL)

  • MSc 2010

    MSc in Neuroscience

    University College London

  • MSc 2007

    MSc in Natural Computation

    University of Birmingham

  • BSc 2006

    BSc in AI & Computer Science

    University of Birmingham

Previous Employment